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Chatterer (Hellraiser) mask, sculpted in clay, silicone for the final material. The mouth opens and closes with the mouth of the wearer. Below I am wearing it on Halloween, Posing with friends. (left to right: David McKenna, Mark Renaud, Josh Haberman)

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Freddy Krueger mask I did a few years back, Photo of myself modeling at Toons on Tap. Also it totally possible to consume alcohol while wearing this mask, it’s important to have priorities.

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Fallout Themed sculpture commissioned by my friend Beth to give to her boyfriend (now husband) Brandon. Made with Sculpey, wood and Resin. I created molds and cast the eyes in clear resin, so the eyes would have depth.

img_0357 Resin_eyes img_1179 img_1186 img_1263


Helen Parr of The Incredibles bust, just a practice sculpt.