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Cartoon game environment: Teddy Bear Picnic
Please note this is still very much still a work in progress. But for now I want to see if it works, and show what I have done so far.
It takes a while to load at the moment, I will be optimizing it as I work on it.

If you click on the link above you should be able to explore a 3D cartoon environment I am building.
-Also press “esc” to exit the widow.

ReBlink, an AR experience I worked on as a 3D artist wrapped up it’s exhibit last month last month at the Art Gallery of Ontario. Above is the trailer.

Above: Tim Cook, CEO of Apple using the Reblink augmented reality app to view one of paintings (Drawing Lots, George Agnew Reid est:1888-1902) in the Art Gallery Of Ontario. This is one of several paints I did the 3D for as part of a small team at Impossible Things. I was not at the AGO at the time of the photo, But needless to say when Alex Mayhew showed it to me later, it was a very proud moment for me.

Shambler by mckenna3d on Sketchfab

Shambler: 330 polys/triangles. Painted in zbrush. Based on monster from quake. Quake was one of the first fps I got into growing up and holds a lot of nostalgia for me.
Done as a fan art piece/practice.

Demon_001 Demon_002 Demon_003Demon_004
Above: Demon character model, I did for Stratum Games in 2017, I did  the concept as well, it is in the 2D section


Various assets I did for Time Tremors, click on them to see them full size.


More game asset made for Time Tremors, Concept art for the robot and the golden cup can be seen in the 2D section.


David McKenna Cathedral from David McKenna on Vimeo.

Game level, That was a a work in progress, using entirely my own models and textures. Many of the assets where still my stand-in models, or not fully textured yet such as the furniture, the books and many of the beams etc…